Converters Unlimited started over 30 years ago buying scrap converters to strip them of their precious metals.  After years of  scrapping, the original owner saw an opportunity to sell replacement converters for the scrap ones he was buying.  Converters Unlimited saw much success in the aftermarket converter business but was missing even more opportunities in the exhaust industry.


 In 2001 Converters Unlimited decided they wanted to offer a full line of exhaust to its customers so they hired a veteran exhaust salesman, Fred Ash Jr. (CurrentOwner/President).  Converters Unlimited began operating under the new name Converters & Exhaust Unlimited and started offering a full exhaust line to the Mid Atlantic Region. The company has experienced tremendous growth since becoming a full line distributor. As with most companies, that growth has not come without some bumps in the road.  In 2006 Fred was promoted to sales manager.  Soon following this promotion, he was asked to step in as general manager due to growing internal conflicts within upper management.

After a few years running the company Fred was asked if he would be interested in  purchasing the business and was fortunate enough to do so in 2013.  Converters & Exhaust Unlimited returned to its original name, Converters Unlimited, once Fred purchased the business. During his tenure in management and ownership Fred has been able to rebuild and restructure Converters Unlimited and has organized an efficient customer focused company.  In his pursuit to offer all customers the best service possible the decision was made to open a second location in Charlotte NC.  The Charlotte location was opened in January of 2018. 

Converters Unlimited continues to specialize in direct fit and universal converters as well as automotive exhaust products including oxygen sensors, exhaust hardware, mufflers, tubing, chrome and stainless steel tips, and much more.  With over 30 years experience in the catalytic converter industry we strive to offer our customers first class service and second to none expertise in exhaust products.